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A little about me:

I am a fourth year Digital Media, Arts, and Technology major (DIGIT) at Penn State Behrend. My specializations of study include Sound and Motion and Digital Humanities. I love what I do, and I have a passion to perpetually learn from my growing field. Although I am relatively new to the vast world of motion graphics, web development, animation, and digital text markup and analysis, the wonderful experiences I've had so far cultivated my deep love for the digital craft.

Some of my other passions include writing, film, Kurt Vonnegut, and good music. I am also an advocate for handwritten letters and peanut butter - but most of all, for protecting the environment.

One day, I hope to make contributions in some artistic or creative form to environmental organizations, or work for a media outlet that broadcasts informational/educational media for the public - something like the Youtube channel TED-ED, or National Geographic.

- Mia Borgia
my dear friend Louis the giraffe my pupper bella by Lake Erie rosy sky
photo of a neat balcony at the Carnegie Museum my son Mort