The Ballot and Me - Semester Project

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Langston at his typewriter
Langston Hughes at his typewriter | Source

This website shelters a venture in text-encoding the short typescript play The Ballot and Me by Langston Hughes. Here we will showcase our work on transcribing the play into HTML and XSLT, and the research objectives we had in mind while coding this document. Langston Hughes was an American poet, playwrite, social activist, and novelist from Missouri. He is best known as the leader of the Harlem Renaissance.
For more information on this legendary writer, check out Langston Hughes' Wikipedia Page and the collection of some of his poetry
The document type we are collecting this source from is a PDF, and it contains the Author's Copy of a typewritten play by Langston Hughes from 1956.


Mia Borgia

3rd year DIGIT major at Penn State Behrend.

McKenna Ballew

Also a 3rd year DIGIT major at Penn State Behrend.

Brett Meyer

Yet another 3rd year DIGIT major at Penn State Behrend.

Drawing of Langston Hughes
Drawing of Langston Hughes | Source

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